6 Considerations For Making Yourself Stand Out

I am sure that you have heard how important to differentiate yourself from the crowd, which generally means showing how you or what you do/ represent is in some way interesting and unique. However, unless you are prepared, ready, willing and able to take an objectively introspective look within, this process may become both challenging, […]

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Girl Pleasures Boyfriend & Regrets it 10 Minutes Later

This just happened. Well, my boyfriend and I are in college and both lead very busy lives. It’s finals time which means we have hardly seen each other, which also means there’s a lot of pent up sexual tension. Unfortunately, I have also had a really bad cold for the past few days, so our […]


Empowering the Woman in Us!

Women’s role in the society has always been so diverse. Beginning from the kitchen where they brew sumptuous meals to raising children and keeping them on track to living their dream careers, it is a lot for women to take in. This multiple role they play everywhere around the world however often goes unnoticed, for […]


10 Tips For Beautiful Nails

Beauty is all about the details, from head to toe. If you want to maintain a fresh and clean look, then you have to make sure that your nails are always in tip-top shape. Who wants thin, brittle and dirty looking nails anyway? No one. Thankfully, keeping your nails strong and beautiful isn’t at all […]


Is there poison in your cosmetics?

    Is there poison in your cosmetics? There may be lead in your lipstick! You need to check for several things when buying lipstick. Check to confirm it is cruelty free and is not tested on animals, that it does not have contain lead or parabens, and that it is a lipstick made with […]